Interior application


Stay ahead of the competition

The biggest beneficiary of Architectural design has to be our Hotel and hospitality partners.
With the ever increasing pressures of review sites and new competition, staying ahead and up to date is an annual budgeting nightmare. With the ability to now update rooms and high footfall areas with minimal noise disruption and room down time, profits can be maximised without affecting present guests.




Maximise your clientele

Bar before

Keep your restaurant and bar up to date with the latest fashion and trends. Rejuvenate an entire area in one go or just wrap individual items over time i.e. bar, tables and trims. Vinyl is moisture and heat resistant, making it a suitable application for food and drink environments.

Move with the times and retain your customers interests, and win new ones!

Bar after


Re-invent your business environment

With an ever aggressive push on brand awareness, employee satisfaction and customer interaction you can transform your workplace from the 20th century to 2018, and beyond.
Freshen up your furniture – Correct your conference rooms – Cultivate your call centre – Wow your clients!
Never again send out dated office furniture to the scrap – Don’t scrap it, wrap it!


Update the toughest internal areas

Original cubicle

A typically difficult area to update with minimal down time a must. No team of builders, plumbers and electricians required, and no noise and mess to combat – just one of our skilled fitters and Architectural vinyl.

Fire tested, CE marked and IMO approved for peace of mind. Vinyl is also moisture and heat resistant for suitable applications in washrooms and food environments.

Refurbished cubicle


Re-invent your customer experience

In places where time is of the essence, the ability to capture customer attention and to communicate the values of our brand are key requirements for any retail space.

It’s not just for flat spaces, its versatile 3D form can fit virtually any surface. Curves and complex shapes no problem. It is lightweight and conformable making it perfect for ceilings, intricate fixtures, fittings and columns throughout the store. There‚Äôs no need to replace existing substrates.